Sunday, 3 June 2012

One gear?

I have been threatening to build a single speed bike up for some time and when I spotted a Inbred "blue Waffle" with a headset fitted and both sets of swapouts for £99!!! I had to have it.
I guess given current trends it should be a 29er but hey im a short guy and that's means another set of wheels so will stick to the 26er.
A near new set of Nuke Proof forks were found on ebay, which I must say are rather nice but funds are hard at the moment as the missus is sapping them at the moment for a garden project :)
I haven't ridden a steel frame since my custom Fuquay back in 1992 and I am somewhat excited to get out there on it.
As for the rest of the build I will be actively scouring Ebay for some bargains in the next couple of months  and likely to use use a set of Hope XC-3 I have for the wheel set.


  1. You could always use 650b wheels in that frame. Love my single speed!

  2. good thinking, will wait till theres some good deals on them

  3. Well my plan was to get a whippet and put 650b wheels on that one. But at least in the mean time I could run 26 wheels till I could afford to finish the conversion. Think id also have the same problem with 29 wheels.

  4. Does a whippet take 650b??

  5. Yeah according to the guys at On One it does. Quite a few of their frames do as they don't have a bridge support on the chainstays. Apparently it should still take upto 2.3" tyre too. It'll probably raise the bottom bracket height by about 12mm or 0.5"

  6. cool might be worth a set, once they get cheaper. had a look yesterday and they are bloody expensive for not very good ones!

  7. Well I'll just relace my dt swiss hubs onto new rims to cut my costs. There is a lack of choice with the tyres though!

  8. mmm I tempted there are some Stans 355 rims at about £60, might wait to see if Hope Hoops do some.

    I was looking at the clearance at the rear of the inbred and the tyre height is very close to the seatstay bridge already so a bit concerned?


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