Saturday, 21 May 2011


Right here goes, this blogging stuff is new to me but this has been set up in relation to me and my cycling.
Proper cycling first started for me as a child in the late 80's when my parents bought me my first mountain bike some kind emmelle or such like touring beast, after long bike rides with friends the bug caught.
At age of 13 joined the local cycling club and rode multi-discipline including TT,Crits, track and of course MTB racing in its boom years of the early 90's.
Studies were taking a sideline as I became obsessed with the sport, then disaster stuck one night in June 1992 whilst riding home from a local 10 TT a drunk driver failed to stop at a junction and hit me breaking my leg/wrist severely in multiple places after 6 months in plaster on didnt get back on the bike for another 16years.
That was until 2008 when I started commuting to work per chance and again the bug caught and the winter of that year I entered the Thetford dusk til dawn and then the winter series, placed a respectable 33rd in my first 2hr I thought I like this!!!! so some reasonable amount of training pursued. The following year I placed 44th in the D2D and 12th overall in the 4hr mens winter series. things were improving.
Then 2010 came and with the assistance of sponsorship from Cycleaid things were looking interesting and more riding opportunities were on the horizon. After riding various different events over over the year road and xc I realism what I really love is endurance events.
And with some reasonable places throughout last year at some large National events I go into 2011 very optimistic of what I can achieve.
Ok im a 33years old and a father of two who also works full time so this is only ever going to be a pastime for me but with the support of my family,( who I can only deeply thank for their patience and support)friends and sponsors I endeavor to do my very best in 2011.

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