Saturday, 6 August 2011

Results 2011

This year has been a great success for Team Cycle Aid. Our main goal of the year was a top ten finish in a national class enduro. Nicely achieved already at a few events. Still, plenty of racing left for the rest of the year.

24hr of Exposure (solo UK/European championships) - 16th

Mountain Mayhem (mens team of 4) - 8th

Mud, Sweat & Gears Summer Enduro (10hr solo) - 6th

Bontrager TwentyFour12 (12hr solo) - 7th

Brighton Big Dog (6hr solo) - 9th

Kielder 100 - 51st (of 800 starters)

Dusk 'til Dawn (12 solo) --Ian Read 19th Solo

Thetford Winter Series round 1 (4hr mens solo) - Dean 13th 4hr

Thetford Winter Series round 2 (4hr mens solo) - Dean 12th 4hr

Strathpuffer (24 hour Solo) - TBC

We have also been spreading the Cycle Aid message at many sportives and other organised rides, including being the first riders to attempt the Norwich 50 and Norwich 100 in the same day.


Cycle Aid - Bicycle accident solicitors - our awesome sponsors Cycle Aid are personal injury solicitors specialising in cycle injury and accident claims. They act for you on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis giving expert legal advice to help you make a claim for compensation. They have been involved in many substantial claims involving head injuries, shoulder injuries, spinal injuries, facial injuries, back injuries, knee injuries and other bicycle accident claims. They will recover their costs in addition to your damages, enabling you to retain 100% of your award. They will fund the claim at no cost to you. We all like to think that we're never going to have a bad accident on the bike, but sadly these things happen. If they do, Cycle Aid are the people to help.

On One/planet x - makers of fine mountain bicycles from northern England. This year we have been riding the Whippet carbon hardtail, and absolutely love them. Mark has been on the Carbon race 29er.
On the road Dean has been riding the RT-57 and its clocked some serious and fast miles.
Next year he will be riding the Planet Dirty 29er carbon hardtail offroad.

Hope - have been supplying world class components and lighting

Juice Lubes - Home grown lubes and creams to keep our parts moving

Scimitar Clothing - For supplying high quality bespoke race clothing


Cycle Accident SolicitorsOur primary sponsors are CycleAid - cycle accident solicitors.

Hope Technology

On One

The Gorilla Firm

Juice Lubes

Scimitar Sports