Thursday, 17 January 2013

The return of, well sort of anyway...

I have been a bad man and i feel bad, not only have I not been riding my bike much since the big move but I have neglected to keep the blog up to date ether; both of these things are set to change mind....

Never doing things by halves I've taken on Mike Hall's (You may remember him from such Guinness world records as pedaling round the world) informal 200 mile ride as an early season leg warmer, or in my case starter.  The event is open to all comers; departing from 5am in Caernarfon and then pedalling the 200 miles to Cardiff bay for a reception and fund raising evening!  The aim of the ride is to give riders who may have completed a number of 100 + mile individual rides a chance to go for the next challenge of a double century while raising tonnes of cash, i however shall be spending most of the day trying not to get dropped! If you fancy a challenge or just want to donate to a good cause have a look, i assure you it will be in the best of company...

 Mike Hall, image shamelessly stolen from Bikemagic

So with the thought of a 200 mile ride on my shoulders you'd think id be making it out at every possible opportunity right? Well yes, there just don't seem to be that many opportunity's at the moment...

I have however become involved in some local road outfits and seem to be worryingly close to getting talked into doing some road racing, or god forbid time trialling in the not to distant future which will no doubt cause a fair amount of hilarity. That in itself is a good enough reason to Man Up find some time and remind myself why i haven't shaved my legs...
Wednesday, 2 January 2013

In the year 20 13.....

Well the Mayans got it all wrong so I best get training and plan some cycling events for next year and recap on those of 2012.
2012 was a bit of a shift in cycling events for me from the previous year with shorter events giving way to longer ultra endurance rides. highlights were:

1. An attempt at the Strathpuffer solo - ok I only managed 16hrs riding but given the magnitude of the event I was happy with the attempt.
2. Norwich 200 - 11hrs riding in what was a unique spin of a classic local Sportive
3. South Downs Way Double (ish) - Again not fully completed but still for the first attempt was something to work on..

Goals for 2013

1. A good show at the 24hr solo champs - at the new southern venue
2. A little ride known as LEJOG OFFROAD
3. A crack at the Relentless 24hr solo.

See you out there :0

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