Monday, 4 June 2012

£5 road tyres....

Having had a set of Michelin Speedium 2 on my training bike for about 5,000miles and not punctured once, until I decided to use them on a turbo trainer and basically flattened off the tread which then caused a piece of flint to pierce the carcass for the first time, I was mildly impressed!

I had picked up another set for £5 each on CRC (no before you ask they haven't got any more) and had planned to put them on the training bike. But whilst building up my new road bike earlier in the year I thought given the weather these will do instead of spending another £40 on tyres.

In 25c width and a folding kevlar bead they weigh in at 280g which is respectable, a nice fast rolling near slick tread.
They are on and have completed on average a 1000mile a month and are yet to puncture, even given the bad mud covered farm roads which most of my miles consist of.

It always makes me laugh when on club rides, the guys with their £40 ultremo's are puncturing every ride and replacing them in a few months.

So I ask unless you are crit or road racing do you really need more?

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