Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A brief reminder.

Continuing my plan to not only do interesting things but actually write about them welcome to the next instalment of ‘Shergie’s completely random series of events thinly veiled as life/training/riding’.
 I’m no going to lie I got back from Belgium and was a little bit broken, the new Lurcher is very fast and incredibly direct but even with the addition of a carbon post and what is possibly the most comfortable carbon saddle in the world it is still incredibly stiff, to give my back a rest I reluctantly left the on-one at home and headed up to Snowdonia for a week in a damp field.  Luckily I had managed to hide the road bike in a Canoe (No seriously, I’m not joking…) and so once all the scouts had become tired of being cold, wet and being marched up and down the closest thing we have to a mountain it was my turn to get cold and wet…

 I had originally planned the route from just outside ffestiniog to Bristol at just under 160 miles, a big day in good conditions. Unfortunately a week without comms had rendered me unaware of the front coming in and the severe weather warning that had been issued for the whole of wales. To be honest if I had know it wouldn’t have stopped me id have just gone back and collected my overshoes from the tent that they were lying in…

 The route look something like this, I wont go into it too much but suffice to say it took just under 11hrs to ride 180 miles. By Dolgellau I was wet, by Rhayader I had third degree pneumonia and by Chepstow I was suffering.

Its not the longest time I have ever spent on the bike, nether is it the wettest but the combination of the two combined with the solo nature of it has certainly reminded me of the mindset I need to be in one month from now.

Hard. Hard as nails.

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