Friday, 27 February 2015

Thetford Winter Series 2014/2015

The end of last year saw my return to racing the 4hr Thetford Winter series, due to racing various other endurance MTB and road events I had not participated for 3 years so it was a welcome return for me.
I had been involved in the original winter series in the early 1990's under its Pro circuit guise whilst racing as a juvenile and it holds some special memories for me, but a 15 year break from cycling found me not competing until i was in my 30's.
Round 1 I placed 7th and then again in round 2, but round 3 was 1 week after riding 17hrs hours solo of the Strathpuffer and my legs forced me down to an 8th place.
So with consistent results I ended going into round 4 in a 3rd overall place, something as a lad I could have only dreamed of! 
I would have loved to have retained this overall but with the level of competition at these events, I realised going into round 4 this would be quite a task.
So after another grueling 4 hrs plus of racing last Sunday, I placed another 7th. and unfortunately lost the overall podium position. But I was extremely happy with my performance overall and my younger self would have been impressed knowing my achievements at 37 years old.

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