Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Rise in cycle accident compensation

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), more needs to be done to combat a rising number of cyclist deaths on Britain’s roads. The call to action came in light of recently published annual road casualty figures for Great Britain in 2012. Whilst overall road deaths fell by 8% to 1,754 in 2012, the number of pedal cyclists killed rose by 10% to 118 and the number of seriously injured cyclists rose, for the eighth year in a row, to 3,222. Many injured cyclists don’t claim cycle accident compensation because they do not realise they are entitled to any - but it’s always worth talking to an expert solicitor to find out where you stand.

Safe cycling network a priority

The Department for Transport (DfT) which published the report containing the road casualty figures, noted that an increased popularity of cycling on Great Britain’s roads since 2004 may have contributed to a rise in the number of deaths and serious injuries amongst the nation’s cyclists. Commenting on the figures, Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at RoSPA said “The good news of a large drop in road deaths in 2012 is marred by an increase in cyclist deaths, especially among child cyclists which is particularly worrying.” He went on to suggest an improved cycling network to counter the rise in casualties: “It is vital to create a coherent safe network for cyclists by introducing appropriate cycle lanes and tracks, linking quieter streets, developing routes alongside rivers, canals and through parks where possible, and introducing more 20mph schemes in our towns and cities.” Despite the availability of cycle accident compensation, prevention is always better than cure, and Mr Clinton concluded by proposing further measures: “As well as boosting the provision of cyclist training and trying to make the roads safer for cyclists, we also need to hammer home the message to drivers to keep their speed down, watch out for cyclists and give them enough room on the road.”

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