Sunday, 20 May 2012

EACH Ride for Life

Another weekend, another set of ace mountain biking. This weekend, we did skills riding on Saturday at Bacton Woods, and today we did a very rapid blast around Thetford all in aid of the East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH). EACH as possibly one of the most popular charities in Norfolk, and I was really up for giving them some money all in the aid of a little cruise around the forest.

Expecting it to be a small affair, we were pretty shocked when we turned up and found the whole village buzzing with people up for some bicycle action! It was the sort of event I love - no pretentions and everyone having a go on all sorts of bikes. We had everything from tandems, cross bikes, tourers, supermarket-brought full sussers, little kids on BMXs, a very funky retro orange GT, and a middle aged lady doing the dirt tracks on her road-tyred Brompton! In fact, the BB has been "unwell" on my On One Whippet, so I have borrowed a mate's 150mm full suss trail bike. Probably not the ideal bike for 30 miles of fire roads, but when it's all you have, you just have to pedal harder!

Started off in a group of friends and friends of friends, so I was behaving an riding at a conversational pace. Then about half way round, it all got a bit rapid, so off we went. There was one open section where the headwind became a major factor. Never really had that in an MTB event. So we quicked away, and just kept kicking! Having spent the last 5 months struggling, I felt elated to be pushing a 2 hour XC race pace and still have enough power left in the tank to see it back to the finish line. In typical small charity ride style, the 26 mile route came back at well over 30 miles, so we felt it was great value for money!

A very medal, followed by some good recovery food and we hit the road back home. Having just ordered an On One Lurcher, I have a bit of bike planning to do. That's if I can stay awake.......zzzzzzzzzz

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