Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New bike that and with any luck some new motivation…

As many of you may know I had the bikes unceremoniously lifted from my garage a few weeks ago, quite honestly this really dented my enthusiasm, combined with a heavy work load and no money I will be honest and admit to a few days were spent moping around feeling sorry for myself.  After some frantic organisation and a decision that this was not going to put a spanner in the works a new frame was ordered which when added to the bits not taken should lead to quite a nice bike.  Fast forward a week or so and it has arrived, the yet to be christened Planet X Dirty Harry has made quite a stir, not only looking the part but weighing next to nothing, still got a few bits to bolt in place but hopefully we should be back out worrying the locals come the weekend…
Just in time for an uber charity challenge that ill be telling you about in the next (And hopefully less rambling) instalment.
Pictures will be posted pretty soon (Well later in the week I guess) until then

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