Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fun in the snow

Today saw a early start to an artic tundra that had fallen upon Norfolk during the night. Having been contact by Scott Bishop a old team mate from back in my juvenile days and arranging to go for a Sunday ride we decided the weather wasn’t to to stop us. We decided the ride the usual marriotts way route for a few hours.
I started from Norwich at 8am and very few walkers had been on, so a nice fresh 3/4inches of powder awaited. I met Scott about another 30mins down the trail and laughed at him in his full face helmet but this was soon realised to be essential wear after wiping out multiply times.
We had great fun sliding around in the snow and realised that the only way to stay upright was to keep in a straight line which was harder than it sounds despite the trail being dead straight.
Scott was on a 29er and there did appear to be some considerable differences in his rolling and traction, but it might have been more choice of dry tyres for the day!
Quite a high cadence was required to keep the right speed and we were only keeping an average of about 8mph so it took sometime to reach the midpoint cafe stop for a a well needed cup of tea.
The return leg was a bit faster as the snow had hardpacked and the temperature had dropped, but this just made the bails that much harder!
Scott luckily lived just off the trail so we parted ways and I headed back to Norwich.
Returned home after 5hrs and completed about 45miles, Snow is a great way to put a twist on a other wises quite boring trail!

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