Saturday, 1 October 2011

Thetford - Just Like The Old Days

dAfter a morning of pure and utter faff and frustration so tedious it shall never, ever be mentioned ever again, we finally found ourselves parked up in deepest, darkest, sunny Thetford Forest. Today appeared to be England's first day of Summer, and despite losing the will to live at 11am, we were getting ready for hitting more trails. After last night's little ride over Thetford, I knew I was aching to let rip on some of the longer routes. The plan was to just go for a little in, not a long one. I have learnt that anyone who trains for 24 hour racing doesn't really understand the usual limits of a short ride. Including a trip to the bike shop and a shortish cafe stop (where I was starred at by a couple - unnervingly for the entire time we were enjoying a nice bit of bappage), d were on the trails for about 4 hours 30 mins. Great weather, good chat, some nice fast digs, including Dean defying gravity to fly up a steep bomb hole and jump over the hardest exit. Felt like one of those rides you do when you're first getting into mountain biking and it is all fresh. Loved it. Looking forward to D2D.

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