Sunday, 16 October 2011

CTC Cawston Rough Stuff 2011

Today Saw my first ride of the local CTC rough stuff 25mile offroad ride. This is not a race in any way just a social ride for everyone and for most local riders was welcome after the 12hrs of hell that was Dusk till Dawn last weekend. So not such a early start this morning as met JV and Dr Quirky for a lift up to Cawston, as was planning to ride 20 miles on Marriott s way to the start. But a week of illness and a trip to the Hospital for a chest xray following breathing problems the Doctor had actually ordered a weekend off the bike. We made the fatal error of laughing at the non-cyclists as we drove up saying they will get will have punctures and mechanicals. But about 10miles in Dr Quirky managed to get a puncture in a sealant innertube so I turned back to help adding a couple of mile to the trip. Then about 20miles in JV got one as well and a second in the same tube 5 miles later. Dr Quirky also nearly impalled himself on the metal barrier (as seen in the picture) trying to blast up a hill past some slower riders! Then he also got lost adding about 5 miles to his trip by missing a turning so me and JV stopped for a 30min chat. Most all the slower riders prob romped home with better times than us enduro riders. Anyway the end was at Cawston Village hall and there was homemade soup and rolls and tea well needed. JV and Ian went back in the car and I decided on another 25miles on the way home as had felt pretty good rounded the total to 50. So all in a great day out for all but lessons to be learnt for the cocky racers who think they are immune to punctures/incidents! Anyway we are all off the tonight- more on that later...

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