Thursday, 8 March 2012

A week of christenings

Well its here, and by golly is it light…  A Planet X Dirty Harry frame with full XO and some spangly bontrager scandium wheels was never going to be heavy but even I was surmised when the Mud Dock scales registered a scant 23lbs!  First ride was last Sunday around the wilds of Cambridge a combination of back roads and bridleways proving just how fast a lightweight 29er can be!  Tuesday evening saw her maiden off road voyage and again rapid is a very apt word, taking Ashton court and various other local bits in her stride only really getting over faced at the things you really shouldn’t take a 23lb carbon hardtail down.  Oh and she’s been christened ‘Faline’ after Bambi’s girlfriend…

Working in Glouster is giving me a very nice commute back down to Bristol, ranging from 35 to 60 odd miles depending on which way, the one constant is the headwind – I’ve named her Harriet. I don’t like Harriet. She is however is giving me a good workout which to be honest with the shocking amount of miles ive been getting in of late I need!  Im supposed to be racing on Sunday at Wentwood (Just outside Newport), I say racing its more likely to be a lesson in how busy/lazy/pathetic ive been. Oh well whats the worst that can happen!

Ill let you know how it goes ;-)

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