Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ice covered frontage...

Sunday saw round 3 of the Thetford winter series. So headed down there for an early start to get a couple of practice laps/extra miles in.
Arriving at 8am it was seriously cold actually much colder than Northern Inverness had been at the beginning of the month.
So suited up in a couple more layers than race-wear and headed out for a loop of the 7.5 course, the course was flat and fast and very frozen as my legs appeared to be also. It was likely to turn a little muddy after the sun and 600 riders had been on it for a while.
The extremities were very cold and on looking down i realised my gloves, crotch and feet and face were covered in a icy film!
A comfortable 40mins and the lap was finished so headed back to the car to warm up a bit. Stopped and route for a chat with Mr Ant White and a surprise to see enduro legend Rich Rothwell had made the trip from Northumberland to race the flatlands!
Dr Read and his missus turned up with camera in hand as he was only filming today following another doctors orders to stay off the bike following a dodgy lung diagnosis.
Headed down to start line to get a good position despite being gridded and a few jumps up and down to keep. a clean getaway and attempted to settle into a nice pace for the next 4hrs it was soon clear that my legs were still a sore following the previous weeks Duathlon and possibly still from the Strathpuffer three weeks earlier.
An interesting race being done on one 750ml bottle as I failed to locate where Dr Read had placed my pit bag and it wasn’t until the start of lap 7 that i found it and took on board another bottle.
Never really got my groove on in the effort and it more turned into going painfully and slowly through the motions until the end.
With coming in a few minutes before the 4hrs for a 7th lap and only being passed by the leader at the very end of that lap I thought I had done enough the secure a reasonable position but I ended 17th at the finish, not bad effort but I think this was testament to a few faster newer riders to the series possibly with the end of the Brass Monkeys series the week before.
Best out of 3 for the series so maybe that might have to be all at the next race..

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