Saturday, 12 November 2011

Audax For Beginners - Norfolk Nips 1 Report

Today was my first attempt at a proper audax, and I absolutely loved it! 100km around North Norfolk under overcast skies. The route took a decidedly "back roads" route, and what with us being under 40, we don't really have a thing for maps. So we were pretty rubbish. The start was a bit of a disaster, as the location of the start shown on google maps on the main page was actually about 2 miles away from the actual start. Fortunately Dean waited for me, ready with a loving of insults :) Starting by the time most of the group were about 15-20 minutes up the road, we were on full chase mode. Fortunately we had Mark "Pistons" Pearson with us to help hunt everyone down.

The typical image people get when you talk about an audax is that of touring bikes, panniers and leather pouches. Whilst we weren't disappointed, there was a lot of chaps and ladies from the local racing scene having a good crack at it today. Despite giving it plenty of kicks, we found that each time we came to a turning or crossing, we would stop, have a ponder, consult the directions list, then be caught by riders who knew where they were going, and then follow them. Give it another kick, hit a junction and repeat for pretty much the rest of the day! Surprisingly enjoyable way of riding, basically intervals. My legs got a real stinging, we got a bit lost, and rolled back into the HQ having clocked up over 70 miles. 160 riders were on the road, lots of banter and good cake. Ace. More next month and the month after. Get registered for the Norfolk Nips 2.


  1. but ian..... didnt you post the route the other day?? you mean you didnt memorise it?? lol

  2. I didn't check what directions the route went in, and just looked at the route out to the first stop. Alas, it was the route home :) I have very little intention of reading the maps for the next one - just need to get there on time :)


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