Saturday, 10 September 2011

Brighton Big Dog 2011

Right some belated race reports, for August's race me and Dr Read planned to head down to the south coast to ride the Brighton Big Dog 2011 for the first time.
As we were in the Solo 6hr cat (which for an Enduro was my shortest event of the year by about half the time) we planned to race and return in one day so a early start was required.
In usual Dr "quirky" Read style the 6am depart from Norwich turned into nearly 8:30am by time he had got out of bed. So what could only be described as a brisk journey down to Brighton and a bit of Sat Nav confusion when we realised that Stanmer Park the public house was not the race venue. We arrived an hour before the start!.
We had to get the bikes together and have a little warm up no time to pre-ride the course not really required over 6hrs.
Cycleaid kindly donated a mass of cakes and goodies from which we were sure the Brighton crowd would enjoy but sure we wouldnt get to sample by the time our 6hr stint had finished.
Anyway we were off at 12 and straight onto a lungbusting grass climb the course was nice and techincal with no real rest bites and the lap took about 40mins. The highlight for me was on the first lap a camelbak full suss boy passed me on a descent and shouted "you might have me on the climbs but I will have you on the descents" then we hit a sharp left and he wiped out into a tree! (but was okay). That incident kept me laughing for miles. I came across Dr Read about mid way through the event walking up a hill with his arm covered in blood. and despite me having to up my normal pace to something more like XC i romped back at 5:14pm with 7 laps and not likely to get an 8th in before 6pm or catching 8th place I called it a day with a respectable 9th place.

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